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Just Around The Corner...

Posted by Grian
Hey everyone!

I'm here to update you, once again for the sake of transparency, and to try and reignite the lost hype that was the Gavel Hype Train.

So, you're probably all been asking us "Where is Gavel?" Well, we're still working on it. But, unlike last time, we're actually so close to finishing we're discussing finalising details. Before you ask, I will not be giving any official release dates at this time, for the very reason of how we can't seem to meet them. It wouldn't be fair for me...

Just Around The Corner...

Gold Coins

Gold coins can be purchased from the Wynncraft store. Once purchased, you can use the in-game currency item to purchase vanity items. To view the in-game gold store use /store, and use /use to redeem the items purchased.

Gold coins can be used to buy


Companions for your adventures.


Get effects for your character, toggle with /use.

Gift Bombs

Share a little something with other players.


One time purchase for pet & horse renaming.
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VIP (Lifetime)

Upgrade your account to VIP to unlock new features and benefits.


Lifetime Purchase $25 USD$12.5 USD

Creeper Pet

An explosive friend to accompany you on your travels.

Reskinned Classes

Play as the visually improved Knight & Hunter classes.

Magical Effects

Infuse your player smoke, magic & fire effects.

Farm Disguises

Disguise as chicken, cow, pig or sheep.

+ No lobby translucency.
+ Zombie Horse Cloak.
+ Dye Kits (R, G, B, Y).
+ Ride other players.
+ Notify nearby players of your login.
+ 2 Party & 1 Item Bomb.
+ 3 Global Shouts.
+ Green Name.
+ VIP reserved slots.
+ Attack animations (cloud, fire, sparks).


Lifetime Purchase $50 USD$25 USD

Silverfish Pet

A prickly friend to accompany you on your travels.

Reskinned Classes

Play as the visually improved Dark Wizard & Ninja classes.

Mythical Effects

Infuse your player with music, letter & heart effects.

Undead Disguises

Disguise as creeper, pigman, spider or zombie.

+ All VIP bonuses.
+ VIP+ reserved slots.
+ Skeleton Horse Cloak.
+ All available Dye Kits.
+ Ride your pets.
+ Slap & rocket in lobby.
+ 5 Party, 2 Item & 1 XP Bomb.
+ 7 Global Shouts.
+ Cyan name.
+ OST Jukebox.
+ Attack animations (lava, emerald, letter).

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